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Our Ministries

   At True Light Baptist Church we strive to focus all of our ministries on Jesus Christ. Each ministry is planned to Show Jesus to the lost (Matthew 28:18-20), for the Christian to Shine for Jesus (Matthew 5:16), and for all to Seek a Closer Fellowship with Jesus (Matthew 11:29).



We have Sunday School for all ages to teach them the Bible at their grade level.

A fully staffed and trained nursery is provided for any who need it.



TLBC youth department is headed up by Bro. Rob Wilson and his wife Denise. They meet with our youth ever Sunday Morning during our Sunday School hour (9:30am). The youth are provided with spiritual and practical every day lessons from the Word of God.

TLBC is also the organizer for the Independent Baptist Youth Rally (IBYR). Our fellowship of churches and their youths meet once a month from August to May. See more about IBYR HERE.

Study group

Pastoral Support

Pastor Mike is an "open door policy" pastor. One may schedule an appointment or feel free to engage the pastor at any time during normal service times. Pastor Mike has a policy of never meeting with a lady privately and so his wife will accompany him for meetings with ladies. He does his best to be available 24/7.

Pastor Mike believes the Bible has all the answers for our problems and/or questions. The Bible will be used for all counseling.



TLBC believes that missions is the heartbeat of God. All members are encouraged to take part in our Faith Promise Missions program wherein we support, at present, 29 missionary ministries. You can learn more about these ministries in our Missionaries Page.

TLBC coordinates mission trips for members every year and encourages all members to take a missions trip at least once in their life.

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Books on the Desk

Faithful Men

Bible Institute

True Light Baptist Church believes in the

II Timothy 2:2 method of training people for the ministry. Our Bible institute is primarily for training men for the Gospel ministry but all members are welcome to enroll in classes.

For More Information Click HERE.

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